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Welcome to the Law Office of Krista A. Chacona, P.C., where protecting our clients and meeting their needs is our top priority. The professional legal team is headed up by Austin criminal defense attorney Krista Chacona whose accomplishments show she advocates client’s rights.

Our success is derived directly from our philosophy of client-centered representation. This means, in essence, that we represent our client as a person, not a case file, and we do so with compassion, dignity and respect. 

If You Have Been Arrested and Need an Austin Criminial Defense Lawyer,
Call the Law Office of Krista A. Chacona, P.C.. We Will Protect Your Legal Rights.

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense in the Austin area, you need a knowledgeable lawyer with experience in the local Travis County court. We represent clients for offenses such as identify theft, domestic abuse, fraud, assault, DWI, forgery, and more. Click here for a sample list of the types of cases we handle.

Located in the heart of Austin, Texas, we are able to service clients in Travis, Williamson and nearby counties.

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We have purposely remained a small firm in order to maintain affordable rates for our clients; yet our investment in technology and our affiliations with various local partners have allowed us to offer the same resources for criminal defense cases and high quality services one would expect from a larger firm.

In order to better serve our clients, we have concentrated our attention on the practice of criminal defenses, mental health, wills/probate and guardianship.  In doing so, we feel we are afforded the necessary time to spend with our clients--getting to know them, listening to what they have to say, understanding their legal situations and learning how best to provide for them. Should you find yourself in need of criminal defense representation for driving drunk, harrassment, robbery, drug possession, or one of the aforementioned areas, we stand ready to assist you.

A Note From Krista Chacona, Attorney at Law:
Hello. Thank you for visiting my web site and for your interest in my firm. As you can see, I have been practicing law in Austin and New York for close to 15 years. I attribute my success not only to being prepared and knowing the law, but to loving what I do.

 Legal issues can be scary and overwhelming, especially when there is no one there to explain things and guide you. I try to demystify the process and steer my clients through the system as quickly and painlessly as possible. I am not the least expensive or the most expensive attorney in the area, but I am one the most dedicated and hardest working attorneys you will ever know. If you need help, you should call me. - Krista

Read what Krista Chacona's client's say: "I think extremely highly of her, both professionally and personally. It was like having an angel for our son, a professional angel."
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Criminal Defense Areas of Practice

Bad Check / Forgery Cases
Burglary Cases
Cleaning Up Criminal Records
Concealed Weapons / Possession of Firearms
ALR Hearings
Domestic Violence
Driving on Suspended License
Driving While Intoxicated
Drug Cases

Drunk Driving Offenses
Non-disclosure Orders
Possession of Controlled Substance
Probation Violation
Public Intoxication
Reckless Driving Cases

Robbery Cases
Theft Crimes
Suspended License
Vandalism Charges
Vehicular Manslaughter
Violations of Probation
Violent Crimes
Violation of Order of Protection
White Collar Crime