The Steps of the Criminal Process

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Offense: The person commits a felony or misdemeanor

Arrest: The person is arrested by law enforcement

Jail / Bond
- Magistrate sets bond
- PR bond or cash/surety
- Release or remain in custody

Indictment / Information
- Felonies - present to Grand Jury; no bill and dismiss or true bill and assign to District Court
- Misdemeanors - CAO file information and assign to County Court or refuse to file

Discovery: Pre-trial motions
- Review prosecutor's case
- Motions to suppress, competency, affirmative defenses

Plea or Trial
- Plea - Negotiate charge and sentence
- Trial - Not guilty and release or Guilty verdict

Sentence: Plea or Trial
- Fines, court costs, community service, probation/parole, incarceration
- Special conditions

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Criminal Defense Areas of Practice

Bad Check / Forgery Cases
Burglary Cases
Cleaning Up Criminal Records
Concealed Weapons / Possession of Firearms
ALR Hearings
Domestic Violence
Driving on Suspended License
Driving While Intoxicated
Drug Cases

Drunk Driving Offenses
Non-disclosure Orders
Possession of Controlled Substance
Probation Violation
Public Intoxication
Reckless Driving Cases

Robbery Cases
Theft Crimes
Suspended License
Vandalism Charges
Vehicular Manslaughter
Violations of Probation
Violent Crimes
Violation of Order of Protection
White Collar Crime