Mental Health Commitment Process (Civil*)

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When a Proposed Patient (PP) enters hospital via emergency detention (ED), one of the following will happen:
- Petition for order for temporary mental health services / motion for protective custody; or
- PP can be released within 72 hours

Protective Custody: If the PP is ordered into Protective Custody a Probable Cause hearing will be held to determine if PP poses a substantial risk to hurt self or another. Pending commitment hearing PP can be released.

A Commitment Hearing will be held within 2 weeks of ED to determine if:
- PP is mentally ill and as a result;
- PP is likely to harm self, another or is gravely disabled;
- there is a recent overt act;
- the hospital is the least restrictive setting.

If none of the above is determined, PP can be released.

At the Commitment Hearing the Court can order out-patient or in-patient treatment for up to 90 days or the PP can be released

A Petition can be granted for additional temporary order, extended order, or PP can be released.

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