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Court System Knowledge & Experience for Criminal Defense, Mental Health, Estate, & Guardianship
When faced with the need for legal assistance, you want the most knowledgeable law firm possible on your side – a legal team that knows the court system and knows the judges and how they make their decisions. These are key factors in ensuring the best possible resolution of your case. When dealing with a mental health commitment or case-related mental health issues, a thorough knowledge of the MHMR system and its procedures are essential to gaining a favorable outcome. Our law firm possesses not only the knowledge that comes with 15 years of experience by our founder, attorney Krista Chacona, but also the dedication and empathy which allow us to fight more effectively on your behalf. The firm was founded on Krista’s strong desire to take a different approach from other firms in handling cases and clients.

Our Law Firm’s Philosophy of Client-Centered Representation
That different approach is the law firm's central philosophy of client-centered representation which is built upon the concept of putting the focus of each case where it belongs - on the client. It seems like a simple concept, yet most lawyers forget that the client is more important than the case. The only way to get clients what they want and what they need is by listening to them and acting upon that knowledge.

Open client communication is a vital part of every case.  But accessibility and responsiveness are also essential to good client relations. At our law firm, we take great pride in our client communication, with most calls and emails being returned within 2 business days.

Krista Chacona, Austin Criminal Defense AttorneyAbout Krista A. Chacona

Krista received her legal education at Albany Law School of Union University in Albany, New York. There she earned her Juris Doctor degree and passed the New York bar exam in 1997. Thereafter, she was admitted to the federal bar.

Krista began her legal career in Northern New York where she practiced criminal law exclusively and served as the primary felony attorney for Jefferson County Public Defender's Office under the interim public defender. She gained extensive trial experience, ultimately managing over 150 criminal cases. She was granted admission to represent clients in four different courts in New York during this time including federal court. Upon moving to Texas in 2000, she began practicing civil litigation with two small law firms in Austin. As a civil attorney, she worked with corporate clients, such as Capital Metro, Austin Cab, and Faulkner USA, as well as individual clients and small businesses, to resolve a wide variety of issues through negotiation, mediation, and/or litigation.

For 15 years, Krista has provided people in need with quality legal services at affordable rates. Her experiences working in government and in larger firms provided her with the confidence and experience necessary to start her own law firm in Austin.  Her passion is helping people resolve their problems with her legal skill and helping to keep them on track with referrals to her extensive assistance resource network.

Awards & Recognition

PRESIDENT’S AWARD OF MERIT, Texas Young Lawyers Association         

The President’s Award of Merit is given at the discretion of the Texas Young Lawyers Association’s President to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution to the furtherance of the goals and objectives of TYLA, or who have performed above and beyond the call of duty while conducting the business of the Texas Young Lawyers Association. “As a member of the National Trial Competition Committee, Krista contributed greatly to its success by recruiting and coordinating hundreds of volunteer judges. Without prompting, she enthusiastically gave of her time and talents to meet the needs of the committee, participants and overall competition.” --TYLA

Association Memberships

Texas State Bar Association
Austin Bar Association - Criminal Law, Probate Law, Solo and Small Firm Section Member
Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
Texas Young Lawyers Association -  National Trial Competition – Committee Member

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Criminal Defense Areas of Practice

Bad Check / Forgery Cases
Burglary Cases
Cleaning Up Criminal Records
Concealed Weapons / Possession of Firearms
ALR Hearings
Domestic Violence
Driving on Suspended License
Driving While Intoxicated
Drug Cases

Drunk Driving Offenses
Non-disclosure Orders
Possession of Controlled Substance
Probation Violation
Public Intoxication
Reckless Driving Cases

Robbery Cases
Theft Crimes
Suspended License
Vandalism Charges
Vehicular Manslaughter
Violations of Probation
Violent Crimes
Violation of Order of Protection
White Collar Crime