Criminal Defense Services and Attorney Fees

There are basically three kinds of expenses associated with most legal services:

Attorney fees: The sum charged for the attorney's work in a case. The amount of attorney's fees charged in each case depends on numerous factors, including the complexity and facts of a case, and are explained in greater detail below.

Court costs: Expenses associated with bringing a legal action and are generally fixed, i.e. filing fees.

Expenses: All other costs/expenses associated with a case, such as copying costs, long distance charges, postage or expert witness fees.

Attorney Fee Arrangements

The Law Office of Krista A. Chacona, P.C. recognizes that legal services can be be costly, which is why we offer different fee arrangements and flexible payment plans (under appropriate circumstances), to make quality legal services more affordable for everyone. We also accept all major credit cards.

Attorney's fees are the charges billed to a Client for legal services rendered to or on behalf of the Client. Typically, our firm uses one of two customary fee arrangements:

Hourly Fee

This is the most common fee arrangement used by the firm. Under this agreement, the Client is charged a fixed hourly rate. Our current hourly rate is $350/hour.

Flat Rate Fee

Where the full scope of the legal services necessary to complete a specific and defined legal task can be reasonably anticipated and quantified with sufficient certainty, the parties might agree to work under a Flat Fee Agreement. Under this agreement, the Client would pay a fixed fee at the time of engagement or in stages, to cover most expenses associated with the legal services provided to the Client.

Costs and Expenses
As stated above, costs are the fees associated with bringing a lawsuit. For example, service fees, filing fees and jury fees fall into the category of court costs. Expenses are the "out-of-pocket" sums that are reasonably incurred by our firm in representing the clients. Each client is financially responsible for the actual expenses incurred by our firm in representing him or her. Expenses are billed to the client on a monthly basis as they accrue. Prompt payment of accrued expenses is required. Typically, expenses include the following: copying, long distance phone calls, fax charges, witness fees (including expert witnesses), deposition expenses and postage.

Retainers and payment plans
Typically, we require that each client provide a retainer at the start of the Attorney-Client relationship. The retainer is to ensure the timely payment of all costs, expenses and non-contingent attorney's fees as they occur, so as to prevent any disruption in service. The amount of the retainer varies, depending on the nature of the case at issue and the type of fee arrangement.

We appreciate that the expense of pursuing one's legal rights can be burdensome. So, to make our services more affordable and accessible, we will offer flexible payment options in appropriate cases.

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Criminal Defense Areas of Practice

Bad Check / Forgery Cases
Burglary Cases
Cleaning Up Criminal Records
Concealed Weapons / Possession of Firearms
ALR Hearings
Domestic Violence
Driving on Suspended License
Driving While Intoxicated
Drug Cases

Drunk Driving Offenses
Non-disclosure Orders
Possession of Controlled Substance
Probation Violation
Public Intoxication
Reckless Driving Cases

Robbery Cases
Theft Crimes
Suspended License
Vandalism Charges
Vehicular Manslaughter
Violations of Probation
Violent Crimes
Violation of Order of Protection
White Collar Crime