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Client-Centered Representation

Legal issues can be frightening and overwhelming, especially when there is no one there to explain the law and guide you. Whether it is a criminal charge, such as assault, drug possession or fraud, The Law Office of Krista A. Chacona aims to demystify the process and steer clients through the system as quickly and painlessly as possible. Criminal defense attorney Krista Chacona derives success directly from her philosophy of open communication and client-centered representation. This means taking the time to know the client – their situation, history and needs – seeing her clients as a person, not a case file. And she does so with compassion, dignity, transparency and respect.

Krista keeps her firm small so she can handle each case personally and maintain affordable rates for her clients. However, her investment in technology and affiliations with various local partners has allowed her to offer the same resources for criminal defense cases and high-quality services one would expect from a larger firm.

Criminal Defense

Civil Commitment


A Practice Defined By A Commitment To Mental Health

Krista Chacona concentrates her practice on criminal defense, with a heavy focus on clients with mental health issues. Many of these clients must also contend with civil commitments and/or competency or sanity issues. Some are incapable of making safe choices or providing for themselves in the community, making guardianship an issue. Krista’s extensive experience with criminal defense, civil commitments and guardianship allow her to understand and address her client’s legal and mental health needs – connecting them with resources for longer term stability.  Seeing the “big picture” is essential for these clients in order to prevent collateral consequences, such as the loss of necessary benefits or housing. By focusing on these specific areas and taking the time to know her clients, she learns how best to provide for them. Most importantly, she is an attorney who knows that mental health can have a dramatic impact on the course of a client’s case and their life. If someone  of the law needs help, is caught up in one of these areas of the law, Krista knows how to work both the legal and mental health aspects of their case and help determine the best plan of action and identify essential services.

Client Testimonials

From the moment I called, we connected. My son was arrested when he was living in Austin and my wife and I live in Pennsylvania. She was very professional, very empathetic. He was troubled and it is so difficult to work through someone else and yet, she made it so comfortable. I think extremely highly of her, both professionally and personally.

– B.W.

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