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MHMR – assault, family violence and civil commitment – dismissed with proof of counseling; dismissed with complaining witness consent. Civil mental health commitment proceeding – agreed on disposition
When you have an adult child who has problems mentally or physically, it is difficult. (My daughter) had been assaulted and is legally blind. We hired Krista to help us through the maze (of the mental health system). If it hadn’t been for Krista, she would be worse off than she is. She got the charges dismissed. She helped me with the bureaucracy of the mental health system. There were times I had been very frightened. None of the doctors could figure out what was wrong. The mental health facilities put them on medication, and they are out again and nowhere to go. Krista guided me. She has gone to the hospital to help. If I didn’t have Krista, I wouldn’t have been able to figure it out.

Her compassion and care are above reproach. When I have been extremely upset, she has calmed me down. When I have sent her an email or called and left her a message, she’s right on top of it. She would say “I’ll go over there this afternoon.” Then, “Here’s what’s going on, this is what we are going to do about it.” Her passion and care are great. It has made this bearable. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything but never makes you feel like there is no solution. She has the ability to get you through this maze, says, “This is how this works;” helps you look ahead. I cannot say enough about her integrity, her compassion or just her niceness.

If it were not for Krista, I would feel I was out here all alone. Especially in the mental health field. She’s a great advocate for (my daughter). When you can’t take care of yourself, she can take you through the court system. Her patience is enormous – it has to be. I am a Krista Chacona fan. If you need a really good lawyer, go to her. You can take a breath; you have this comforting angel on your shoulder.

– N. P.

DTPA claim for breach of contract or warranty; settled for actual damages and attorney fees
I have never gone to an attorney who was so great. She was very professional, very patient and absolutely the most honest attorney I have ever met. She took my hand and walked me through. I never had to go (to Austin) or do anything. She took care of it in a very short time. She’s the best. I would recommend her highly to anyone.

– I.B.

Probate of a simple estate with a will
She took care of my mother’s will and did a fine job.

– M.B.

MHMR – DWI – dismissal via deferred prosecution
She was top-notch. She was nice, courteous and attentive. She listened; we were pleased. She gave me referrals for other services I needed. I appreciated everything she did, everything.

– W.L.

MHMR – Criminal trespass and possession of a dangerous drug; time served on criminal trespass, no conviction on possession of a dangerous drug
Even given the workload she had, she tried to implement some (closeness) and was not condescending. She called my parents so they would feel more reassured. She didn’t have to do that. She was intelligent, well-spoken and modest – not pretentious.

– J.M.

Settled disputed child support modification; child support was increased in favor of the client
She did a great job. The main thing is she doesn’t give up. She does a lot of research and does everything she possibly can to represent you. I trusted her and felt like she had my best interests at heart.

– S.M.

Felony forgery; reduced to a misdemeanor and dismissed via deferred prosecution (community service and restitution as conditions)
From the moment I called, we connected. My son was arrested when he was living in Austin, and my wife and I live in Pennsylvania. She was very professional and very empathetic. He was troubled, and it is so difficult to work through someone else, yet, she made it so comfortable. I think extremely highly of her, both professionally and personally. It was like having an angel for our son, a professional angel. I appreciate good talent and good service. He could have gotten a felony, and she was able to negotiate with the prosecution and drop it to a misdemeanor. He’s on two-year probation now. A couple of months later, she gave me some advice. She didn’t have to do it. It became more than a professional relationship; she liked us, and we liked her.

– B.W.

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