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Guidance on the Guardianship Process

There are times when a person’s physical or mental health prevents them from being able to care for themselves properly. Sometimes, a guardian is necessary to make personal and financial decisions for them. It is difficult to know if a guardianship is necessary and how to get one, which is why it is important to consult a knowledgable Texas attorney.

At the Austin office of The Law Office of Krista A. Chacona, you can receive the guidance and compassion of an attorney with 25+ years of experience in guardianship and related matters. Krista Chacona understands the complexities of these situations and is here to help you with your unique needs.

When A Guardianship Is And Is Not the Solution

A guardianship is the legal mechanism for transferring a person’s (“ward”) right to make personal and/or financial decisions to another. The application for guardianship must contain specific information about the proposed ward and be supported by medical evidence. If granted, the guardianship may be permanent or temporary and may confer upon the guardian all or some of the proposed ward’s rights.

The applicant is required by law to explore less restrictive alternatives to guardianship, such as power of attorneys, advance directives and supportive services. An experienced guardianship attorney can walk you through the rights and responsibilities of a guardian, as well as assess the strength of an application for guardianship.

The Benefits Of A Guardianship

A great many people would no doubt benefit from having a guardian to pay their bills, provide them with food, clothing and shelter, and help them with access to necessary medical care. However, there are limits to what a guardian can do and they can rarely compel their ward to do anything against their will, making guardianship ineffective in some cases.

If you believe a friend or loved one needs help managing their personal and/or financial affairs, Krista Chacona can help you explore the viability of a guardianship and explain the powers and limits of a guardianship in your situation.

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