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Representation Through Civil Commitment Issues

Civil commitment, sometimes known as an involuntary commitment, is the legal method of compelling someone to get temporary mental health treatment against their will. These commitments occur when a person’s mental health has declined to point where they pose a risk of danger to themselves or others, or they are too decompensated to care for themselves. Concerned parties often seek to compel a loved one or friend to receive mental health treatment, but not many people understand the legal process or where to begin.

At The Law Office of Krista A. Chacona, you can meet with an attorney with 25+ years of experience representing the legal needs of clients with and without mental health issues, throughout central Texas. Krista Chacona guides her clients through legal proceedings with the respect and compassion they deserve, including delicate and difficult matters like civil commitments.

When Commitments Are Necessary And How They Resolve

In central Texas, civil commitments are generally initiated by law enforcement  with an emergency detention. If a magistrate determines that the detained person meets criteria, the court orders that person be sent to a psychiatric facility for observation and evaluation. When the evaluation period expires, the facility either releases the individual, allows them to sign in voluntarily or files an application asking the court to keep them at the facility to compel treatment. If the court finds that someone meets the requisite criteria, the court orders the detained person to receive temporary mental health treatment through a civil commitment, wither on an in-patient or out-patient basis. Once the person is deemed safe, they are released from the facility and commitment order.

Civil commitment proceedings are intended to strike the proper balance between to preventing an individual from hurting themselves or someone else and protecting their right to live as they choose and the due process they deserve. If you are going through this process or want information on initiating the process, Krista Chacona can help.

Get The Guidance You Need

Krista Chacona has extensive experience in the realm of civil commitments, working to defend against them, advising family members and concerned parties on how to get them and as a special hearing master determining if a person meets criteria for a civil commitment. When you or a loved one are dealing with civil commitment, turn to a lawyer you can count on to answer your questions and guide you throughout the process. Call Krista Chacona at 512-846-7260 or email her here to schedule your initial consultation at her Austin office today.